School Project on the Citadel of Amman

In autumn 2017, a school project was conducted by the GPIA Amman in cooperation with the project “schulwärts“ of the Goethe Institut, the Department of Antiquities and the Jordan Archaeological Museum regarding the history of the citadel of Amman. About 50 pupils of the 10th class of the Jubilee School in Amman took part. The project was initiated by Dr. J. Häser (GPIA) and the German teacher B. Günther (Goethe Institut). Using the Arabic version of the children’s book “The Secret of the Tell” written by Prof. D. Vieweger (GPIA), it was explained that the citadel of Amman is a tell which was settled for several millennia. Dr. H. Khries guided the pupils over the site and showed the traces of the Iron Age, Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad settlements. Prof. D. Vieweger was finally interviewed by some of the pupils about his book and his archaeological work in Jordan.

Film Shooting with the Jordan University

On October 31st 2017, the School of Archaeology and Tourism organizes a special event to welcome new students who will start their studies in archaeology, cultural resource management and tourism. The event aims to give them an idea of these specific fields and to encourage them by meeting alumnis and employers of this sector.

Furthermore, a documentary film about former faculty graduates was shot, which also showed Catreena Hamarneh, a graduate of the University of Jordan holding a B.A. in geology and a M.A. in archaeology. The shooting was carried out at the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology, where she talked with students from the Jordan University about her experience as a student, her career and various projects she had participated in. 

Film Shooting about the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

On behalf of the Gerda Henkel Foundation, a film was produced about the project “Protection and Management of the Cultural Heritage of Jordan”. The main protagonists were Prof. D. Vieweger as director of the project and Dr. J. Häser as its manager. Additionally, the cooperation partners of the Department of Antiquities and the project’s employees as Dr. M. Jamhawi M. al-Hiary und Kh. Hamadan (DoA) as well as B. Beitz and Dr. H. Khries (GPIA) were actors in various scenes. The film shows the relevance, the social and cultural embedding, the working conditions, the workflow, the methods and the motivation of the project. The film will be presented as a series of eight parts à 5-6 minutes on the internet portal L.I.S.A. of the Gerda Henkel Foundation in spring 2018.