Management and Protection of Museum Inventories in Jordan

The Team


In January 2017, a cooperation-project between the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology (GPIA) and the Department of Antiquities of Jordan (DoA) has been established which is financed by the Gerda Henkel Foundation (GHF) in the frame of the funding initiative “Patrimonies”.

The aim of this four-years project is the preservation of the archaeological objects stored or displayed at the DoA museums compatible with the DoA strategy (2014-2018) with focus on the Jordan Archaeological Museum (JAM) on the citadel of Amman.

Several tasks have to be achieved:

  • Creation of an archaeological database for the museum-management and scientific research
  • Registration and description of the archaeological objects in the JAM
  • Restoration of special archaeological objects
  • Management of storage facilities and equipment of a restoration workshop
  • Establishment of a risk-preparedness plan
  • Training of DoA’s staff

    The Gerda-Henkel Foundation has produced a series of eight documentary clips covering the targets and motivation of the project.

    For further information or contact please visit the DOJAM homepage.

Storage room in the museum

Storage room in the museum