Team of Institute Amman

The GPIA Team from left to right Katharina Schmidt, Catreena Hamarneh, Jutta Häser, Evangeline Reyes, Imraan Melkawi, Ahmad Othman

Dr. des. Katharina Schmidt has been director of the German Protestant Institute in Amman since October 2016. She studied Near Eastern Archaeology, Assyriology, and Prehistoric Archaeology in Munich, Paris, and London. Katharina Schmidt specialises on the Late Bronze-, and Iron Age periods, and focuses on the production, distribution, and significance of glass in Mesopotamia, and the Eastern Mediterranean. In this regard, she also integrates archaeometrical data in her research.

Dr. des. Schmidt formerly worked on different field projects in Syria and Turkey. In the future she will be working on the "Gadara Region Project" and is entrusted with the work on the finds. This project focuses on the research of the Wadi el-Arab and the excavation of Tall Zira'a in Northern Jordan.

Dr. des. Katharina Schmidt

Dr. Jutta Häser   Project Manager
Catreena Hamarneh
Wafa'a Mustafa Al-Shalabi   Student Assistant
Ahmed Othman   Logistics
Evangeline Reyes
Jum’a Dardiri   Gardening
Imran Melkawi   Guard in Umm Qais
Dominik Blöse   Freelancer








The team is supported by interns.