Evaluierung durch die IAA

Positive Evaluierung des Jerusalemer Institutes durch die israelische Antikenbehörde

In einem Hearing hatten sich die ‚historischen Institute‘ Jerusalems im Herbst 2017 den vom Antikengesetz Israels vorgegebenen Ansprüchen der Antikenbehörde (IAA) zu stellen. Das Ergebnis fiel für das DEI sehr positiv aus:
„A summary of the hearing and the recommendations of the IAA representatives were presented to the Director of the Israel Antiquities Authority. We were impressed by the depth of DEI’s archaeological research. … Furthermore, we were satisfied that DEI has on-site laboratory facilities and access to out-sourced resources when required for the treatment and preservation of finds. lt was shown that DEI has scientific and research capacity; the ability to process and handle the findings of the excavations for publication; and the facilities for processing, storage and preservation of the antiquities until the publication and transfer of the finds to the State Collection.
Given the above, the IAA will continue to grand the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology in the Holy Land excavation licenses for the purpose of conducting scientific archaeological excavations for research purposes.“

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