DEI im Schnee

Volume 1, No. 2, December 1996

Occident & Orient Volume 1, No. 2, December 1996 online


A German Commitment to Strengthening German-Jordanian Cooperation, Promoting Protection of Sites.
By: Hans-Dieter Bienert, German Protestant Institute of Archaeology (Amman)

A New Project on the Nabataean Settlement of Wadi Rum
By: Laurent Tholbecq, Institut Francais d’Archéologie du Proche-Orient, Amman (Jordan)

Documenting Tools of Old Stone Age Hunters in the Azraq Oasis.
By: R. Low, D. Schnurrenberger, R. Watson, G. Rollefson, L. Quintero

‘Ain Ghazal Excavations (1996) unearth Neolithic “Temples”
By: Gary Rollefson, ‘Ain Ghazal Research Institute (AGRI), Ober-Ramstadt (Germany)
Zeidan Kafafi, Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmouk University (Jordan)

Petra proper and Greater Petra: The Archaeological Activities of Naturhistorische Gesellschaft
Nürnberg (Germany)
By: Manfred Lindner, Naturhistorische Gesellschaft Nürnberg (Germany)

The Gods of the Nabataeans: A New Research Project
By: Helmut Merklein, University of Bonn (Germany), Robert Wenning, University of Bonn (Germany)

Is it Possible to Manage Future Agriculture in the Jordan Valley by Utilizing SalineWater?
By: Brigitta Meier, Frankfurt/Main (Germany)

Tell Johifiyeh: An Iron Age Site in Northern Jordan – Preparation of An archaeological Investigation.
By: Roland Lamprichs, University of Freiburg (Germany)

The ACOR Madaba Project.
By: Timothy Harrison, ACOR (Jordan), Patricia Bikai, ACOR (Jordan)

Twenty Years in Umm Qais (ancient Gadara)
By: Ute Wagner-Lux, Basel (Switzerland), Karel J. H. Vriezen, Utrecht University (Netherlands)

Breaking Ground For Professional Conservation.
By: Friedrich Zink, Expert Conservator CIM Integrated Expert Program, Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology (IAA), Yarmouk University, Irbid (Jordan)

CARCIP: The Second Phase
By: Helge H. Fischer, Project Director CARCIP.

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