DEI im Schnee

Volume 1, No. 1, June 1996

Occident & Orient Volume 1, No. 1, June 1996 online


The Institute: History, Activities, Facilities.
By: Hans-Dieter Bienert, German Protestant Institute of Archaeology (Amman)

Preliminary report for the 1996 spring season in Gadara / Umm Qais carried out by the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) Berlin in cooperation with the Technical University of Cottbus.
By: Adolf Hoffmann, Technical University Cottbus (Germany) and Günther Schauerte, Sttatliche Museen zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Germany)

German Government supports establishment of a Jordanian Conservation and Restoration Center in Petra (CARCIP) through long-term GTZ project.
By: Helge H. Fischer, Project Director of CARCIP

Preliminary Remarks on the Water Supplies of Early Bronze Age Towns in the Southern Levant.
By: Hermann Genz, University of Tübingen (Germany)

Excavations at Abu Snesleh 1990 and 1992: Preparation of final report – Stratigraphy and Architecture.
By: Roland Lamprichs, University of Freiburg (Germany)

Jerash Cathedral Project.
By: Carola Jäggi, University of Basel (Switzerland)

Something unusual at the Institute: A Historian Looking After the Investment Climate in Jordan.
By: Friedrich C. von Heyl, Munich (German)

After eight years: Preparing the second Volume of the Prehistory of Jordan.
By: H. G. Gebel, Free University of Berlin (Germany)

Petra Church Papyri.
By: Pierre M. Bikai, American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR), Amman, Jordan.

South Cemetery Excavation at Wadi Faynan.
By: Alison McQuitty, British Institute at Amman for Archaeology and History (BIAAH).

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